White Ravens

I wanted to salvage a canvas from another painting that hadn’t worked out, so I covered it in Black 1.0 and asked my husband what I should put on hit.  He said white ravens.  The ravens wound up with a lot of impasto, because the only white I have is heavy-body, and the only acrylic medium I have is gloss, which I really didn’t want to use because I hate it for about 90% of the paintings I do.  I’ve got a half gallon of it, and I’m never going to run out.  I don’t really like a lot of impasto on paintings like this either, because I think it takes away from the image itself.  I could have done more to make it less evident, but at a certain point it just started to look like digital art because it lost all the texture.  And if I wanted it look like digital art, I would have drawn it on my iPad.

Prints available on Redbubble

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