Thor w/ LittleWolf

Another one not in my sketchbook, because I had to print the lines off.

Lineart by little_wolf82 on Twitter. I really wanted to colour this, and the problems started immediately. My printer doesn’t get hot enough on the manual feed, so the toner would flake off, or just not stick at all toward the bottom. I had to print something onto the back of the page to get the front to heat up enough to keep the peeling toner to stick down, and then touch up a lot of the black anyway. Then halfway though the background, I managed to throw out my shoulder. I kind of rushed through the rest because if I put it down, I’d never pick it back up. Because it’s coloured pencil, it was obnoxiously glossy, so I varnished it. But my air brush is all corroded somehow, so I had to brush it on, which picked up so much blue from the background. The entire top layer seems to have dissolved, flattening the the background obnoxiously

I haven’t done anything with coloured pencil for a long time tho, so it was still fun to do even if it kept going wrong.

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