This one didn’t go in my book, because it was in the other room and I didn’t feel like going to get it. But I’ve had a set of watercolours haunting my desk for a while, and decided to use them for the first time. The paints themselves are nice, but I absolutely destroyed the ultramarine pan trying to get to a shade of blue I was never able to achieve. I also wanted the mushrooms to be a lot more pink than violet, but I couldn’t get there either, because this watercolour set lacks both a magenta and a cyan pan. It had a lot of really bold reds, and deep blues, so getting bright, vibrant colours out of it was becoming frustrating, so I gave up.

I’ve got two dozen other sets of watercolours that do have nice colours, so I’m not too broken-hearted over this set being a bit lame. And the colours it does have are good individually, so I’ll probably just keep it as spares for when I run out of one of the eight nearly-identical shades of blue that came with it.

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