Mountain Sunset

Not the best start to my sketchbook project, but the goal is to post everything I draw in it; not draw amazing things. Mostly this is just a concept I’ve had in my head ever since I got these weird crayons from ArtSnacks or whatever a while ago. I really don’t like them because there’s no precision to them, and they’re so big and brutish that trying to mask anything off ends in disaster. Also, they’re this really thick, oily wax, so there’s not going to be any ink sticking to the surface. So I did the sky and the reflection on the lake with the crayons, then used coloured pencil for the mountains and grass, and finally acrylic paint for all the black bits. I couldn’t find a single fan brush, so I wound up using a really big angle brush for the trees, and I’m really not pleased with the result. I also didn’t notice until after the fact that I’m all out of matte varnish, so I had to get creative when taking the photo because that much wax wanted to do nothing but throw glare.

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